Carbon Credits and Bio Banking


The greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2), is attributed to climate change and global warming, and is emitted to the atmosphere by accelerated clearing of vegetation, notably trees and forests. Sequestering carbon back from the atmosphere by planting and growing trees can create ‘carbon credits’, which can be sold to carbon emitting companies to off-set their emissions.

Bio Banking is the process of off-setting or compensating biodiversity impacts from development whereby the landholder or developer can undertake management actions to acquire ‘Bio-banking credits’ which allow landholders to realise value from land which may not otherwise be capable of development, due its biodiversity values. Conservation management actions could be in the form of weed or fire management, or the re-vegetation of degraded areas, and the income generated from the accumulated bio credits can fund the future management of the area.

Ecohort can undertake projects that establish, restore, protect or manage bio-diverse carbon stores and biodiversity development outcomes for you. Please refer to the links below for more information about the Federal Government’s Biodiversity Fund and Bio Banking enterprises: