Vegetation and Bushland Management Plans, Assessments and Consultancy Services




Vegetation Management Plans are strategies and guidelines which assist in the sustainable management and protection of existing native vegetation on owners’ properties, or proposed or existing development sites. The VMP’s are particularly relevant to sites with high conservation values, such as significant, threatened, or rare species and ecological communities, and environmentally sensitive vegetation assemblages.

We specialise in native vegetation assessment, restoration, and management services including:

  • Flora and native vegetation impact assessments and alleviation measures
  • Regeneration, re-vegetation, and weed control advice, planning, audits, and regulatory specifications
  • Site-specific vegetation management plans, bushland, and noxious or environmental weed management plans, which include, but not limited to, site assessment and environmental constraints, identification of management areas and zones, target aims and objectives, schedule and methodology of proposed works, budget, on-going monitoring, and reporting
  • Weed and native vegetation mapping using GIS technology
  • Asset Protection Zone management plans

The preparation of Vegetation Management Plans, bushland management plans, weed management plans, native vegetation impact assessments and impact mitigation plans, bush regeneration and re-vegetation project planning and audits, is compliant with relevant State and Federal legislation, as well as local planning instruments.