Native Seed Collection, Supply and Propagation


Ecohort can collect native plant seed and vegetative material on contract from specific areas state-wide, including collections from endangered ecological communities, and indigenous provenance seed from local areas, using mechanical or manual harvesting methods. We can undertake tailored and diverse collections for the production of potted local native plants, and bulk collections for direct seeding or hydro-seeding projects.

We also maintain a seed-bank which contains over 1000 batches of native seeds collected from the Greater Sydney region, including Western Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra. These seeds can be purchased on request.

Ecohort ensures compliance with flora protection legislation such as the Water Management Act (2000), the Threatened Species Conservation Act (1995), and the General Terms of Approval (GTA) set by the NSW Office of Water, as well as the site-specific Vegetation Management Plans, and any other guidelines and licensing requirements as a function of the collection of seed and vegetative material.

In addition, we can organise the propagation of collected seeds and vegetative material using one of our specialist sub-contractor nurseries, at very competitive prices.